White Kitchen Decorating Tips

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If you plan on remodeling your kitchen and you have your mind set on a white decor, then you have come to the right place as we have plenty of interesting decor ideas. These ideas are also helpful for people who already own a white kitchen and are interested in giving it a twist in order to change the overall mood of the room.

White Kitchen Styles

There are several ways in which you can design an immaculate kitchen if you are starting from scratch. You can choose a modern style or a vintage style with a french vibe. The overall style of the furniture will influence your decorating options. If you choose a vintage furniture, the decorations should also have a vintage vibe, whereas if you choose a modern furniture, the decor must be minimalistic with key highlight points.

Color combinations in decorations

An all white kitchen can be a little more expensive than a normal kitchen and it is considerably more difficult to maintain. Needless to say, it needs to be spotless at all times. Some people choose all other design elements to be white as well and use white marble and white flooring. However, you can also use black marble and black floors and if you choose a rustic style, you can combine white wood with elements of light brown wood. You can also use certain highlight color elements such as neon chairs, colorful decorations and so on. Generally, it is better to combine the white furniture with just one other color. If one additional color does not satisfy you, you can try a highlighted wall featuring colored wallpaper but you should not combine that with other colored decorations because you will run the risk of creating an exhausting chaotic design.


Bricks are a very popular background for kitchens and they are mainly featured on the wall behind the stove. When it comes to immaculate kitchens, it is better to avoid red bricks but if you want a rustic vibe, you can use white bricks instead.


The great thing about this type of kitchens is that the aluminum appliances go very well with the white decor without disturbing the overall vibe of the room. However, if you want a strong rustic design, you can choose to hide the appliances inside the counters. A more interesting idea would be to use the appliances as key color points. However, this can be a considerable investment as you would need either custom appliances or a very good paint job.

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