Victorian Kitchen

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The Victorian age is significant for its low-level kitchens, which were the place for doing the washing-up, cleaning potatoes, carrots and vegetables of all type and cleaning afterwards the mess that remained. A Victorian kitchen was seen like an unpleasant place to work and stress, whereas nowadays, this style has a rather different connotation.

There was no use talking about kitchen sinks or washing machines, but if we take a look over the decorations placed on the walls, the image will definitely impress us. The walls used to be white and made of plain plaster, which hardly makes you feel happy while being around.

For example, there was an ancient description of a Victorian kitchen that included a bag with dishes and an object to catch the flies, so the overall atmosphere was a rather cold one. One example of Victorian kitchen has been discovered by Archie Graham-Palmer and Philippa right in their basement underneath their house. The description is absolutely fabulous and you can find out more about it from the internet!

If you take a look on such a piece of architecture you will understand that the colors of that era and the general style is really interesting and imposing. There is an explanation for this fact, indeed, and you are going to find it out right now!

Queen Victoria of England is the one who inspired this kitchen style with her furniture and decorations. This type of kitchens combine gracefulness with elegance in a Gothic atmosphere. When stepping into such a kitchen, you will feel as if you were a queen or a king, because even though the general appearance is a sober one, you can easily smell that royal appeal.

Heave furniture, of big dimensions, as well as the earth colors and the deep tones, such as red and purple, will add to a wealthy atmosphere. As far as the materials are concerned, these are: wood and stone. You can easily include brass and stained glass and if you are interested in the cabinetry, Butternut and Oak, as well as Rosewood and Maple are some of the options they had.

Among the materials that can be used in a Victorian kitchen, you can also add granite and marble. The upholstery is colored in velvet and is made from pure silk. For more tips on how to achieve a look like this without ruining your home’s value you should try a home advisor; they may not be able to give decoration advice, but they can tell you how these changes will affect the house and even what you can do to increase its value, something which is important even if you don’t want to sell. So don’t hesitate to try a home advisor, especially when big transformations like these are involved.

You will soon get into the Victorian age when visiting such a kitchen, because elegance, refinement and wealth will definitely influence your mood within a few minutes.