Tips on Cleaning the Kitchen

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Your kitchen is the part of the house that needs a lot of attention. You have to take care to keep it always clean, because there you cook for your family and friends. You should clean your kitchen every time you cook there, but from time to time, you have to clean it all. You have to sterilize the sponges you use when cleaning the kitchen surfaces and throw out all the expired items. Either if some products have not expired you should not use them more than six months after you opened them. You should wipe any spill immediately, because in this way you avoid stains setting. You should purchase appropriate cleaning products for the appliances and surfaces you have in your kitchen.

Cleaning large appliances

You have to clean the stove after every use because any greasy stain will be difficult to remove later. If you have glass cooktops you should clean then with a pad specially designed for this surface. Do not forget to wash weekly your gas burner, with a designed liquid cleanser. If you have an electric burner, you should clean it with a damp sponge and if there is any residue that you cannot remove turn on the burner and burn it off. You should remove your control knobs and clean then with warm water and mild dishwasher product. Do not use cleaners that contain abrasives or ammonia because they will remove the existing markings from the knobs. Attach the knobs back only when they are perfectly dried.  You should clean your oven every two months. Remove the self-cleaning units and clean them separately. Use appropriate cleaning products for the oven and its parts, because wrong ones may damage them.

Cleaning surfaces 

Every evening you should clean the kitchen surfaces with water and special products that will help you to maintain their state. If you have natural-stone countertops, you should use a special cleanser. You should clean your cabinets with special chemicals to prevent grime and grease. If you have wooden cabinets, you should buy products specially designed for them. Wipe the faucets and basin every day with a mild dishwashing product, warm water, and a soft cloth. If there are some mineral deposits, you should use a special product, apply it on them, rinse them and let them dry.

Cleaning the floors

An important part of your kitchen is the floor, where a lot of dirt may gather from daily cooking. You should clean your kitchen floor every day, and offer it a special attention once in a week. You can use a product for preparing the surface and after that one that helps you polish it. It is wise to use disinfectants weekly for both floors and other kitchen appliances because you should cook in a clean space. You have the possibility of purchasing a multi purposes cleanser that will help you clean all your kitchen appliances. You only have to read the manufacturer’s instruction to see for what surfaces is appropriate or not.


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