Portable Washing Machine

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Owning a portable washing machine can be very useful to those that move around a lot, who travel or those who don’t have enough space for a regular washing machine. Thanks to innovative technologies, the portable washing machine is now as effective and performing as a normal, full-sized one. Besides being practical, a portable washing machine can also be more affordable, ranging from $200 up to $ 700, which is still cheaper than a regular washing machine.

Dimensions for a portable washing machine range somewhere between 34 and 41 inches in height, 21 and 23 inches in width and 19 and 24 inches in depth. The maximum weight load it can carry differs from model to model, but it usually ranges between 43 and 148 pounds, which means it’s very effective. Some portable washing machine models spin at 1200 RPM and have as many as four wash cycles and four water level settings.

Almost any portable washing machine is fitted with an agitator or pulsator, with digital or rotary controls and lint filters. Other facilities include a faucet adaptor, LED display, Remaining Time Indicator and Automatic Cycles. Among the most common wash cycles we encountered the heavy cycle, delicate cycle, quick wash cycle, spin only, extra rinse, soak, delay start, end of cycle signal and even customizable cycles on more advanced washing machines.

Each portable washing machine must be fitted with cabinet handles, automatic water level and detergent, softener and bleach dispensers. Child lock is also available on some models, as well as adjustable legs and a noise reduction option. Portable washing machines can be very useful appliances, but if you want to purchase one with more options that is similar to a normal washing machine, you may end up paying a bit more than you expected. On the other hand, a cheaper portable washing machine can lack features like casters or dispensers, which limit the conveniences it’s supposed to bring.

On of the best portable washing machine manufacturers is Haier, which has specialized in building ever slimmer and ever smarter washing machines. Still, there are other smaller manufacturers out there who struggle to come up with new technologies and build smaller and smarter portables. Take for example the Wonderwash, this portable washing machine that uses less water than even hand washing and that can clean a five-pound load in just a couple of minutes, thanks to its patented pressure system that forces detergent into the fabric at high speed. The Wonderwash is ideal for delicate clothing like woolens, silks, knitted dresses or cashmere clothing. But this isn’t a great deal just for constant travelers or single persons, but for any small daily washing that is needed, like handkerchiefs or diapers.