Outdoor Dishwasher

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When you’re designing an outdoor kitchen, it is important to choose the best kitchen appliances. Not only do they have to be good-looking and fit the space and environment you have, but they have to be resistant and qualitative too. Outdoor appliances are an important investment, so if you’re going to purchase some you might as well opt for something that doesn’t look like you want to use it after just a couple of years.

Besides barbecues, stoves and sinks, the outdoor dishwasher is a very important element you have to take into consideration. A good outdoor dishwasher can be pretty expensive, but it will save you the trouble of taking the dishes to and fro between kitchen and patio. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers have picked up the trend and have started coming up with kitchen appliances designed especially for outdoor use. One of these brands is Kalamazoo, and they’ve recently promoted the first outdoor dishwasher.

Kalamazoo’s new outdoor dishwasher is fitted with special sprayers and cleaning zones designed to deal with the hardest stains and food bits that may end up on your dishes. What makes this dishwasher so appropriate for outdoor use is its large tub, which can fit up to 12 place settings in case you have large parties or birthdays outside. The rakes are adjustable, which is very helpful considering you may have to fit larger utensils and bowls.

The Kalamazoo outdoor dishwasher has stainless steel exterior and interior, which makes it durable and easy to care for. The electronics and wiring are protected so they won’t get damaged by extreme weather. The dishwasher is also fitted with a system that allows you to store it outdoors even in the coldest weather, and its adjustable racks offer fold-down stemware supports for wine glasses. This outdoor dishwasher is fitted with six wash cycles and six wash temperature settings, all so that you can adapt it to your own specific needs. Its triple filtration system ensures clean water with every wash so that your dishes and glassware are always spotlessly clean.

This amazing dishwasher only uses 3.8 gallons of water per load, thanks to its powerful wash systems; this makes it a very efficient and even economical dishwasher, especially thanks to its sensors that determine the appropriate amount of water for each separate load. Functioning at only 48 decibels, this outdoor dishwasher makes sure you can relax and chat with your guests while it does its job. All in all, an appliance like this is a good investment for outdoor peoples.

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