Miele Dishwasher

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The standard Miele dishwasher is an efficient appliance that completes every household’s kitchen. It is fitted for the specific needs of everyone and is in tone with the environmentally-friendly technologies of the moment. The Miele dishwasher has energy, cleaning and drying efficiency, consuming only 13 liters of water per program.

This silent dishwasher can clean up to 12 place settings at 5 to 6 different temperatures and 6 different washing programmes. The basic Miele dishwasher is 60 centimeters in width, 60 in depth and 81-84 centimeters in height, making it easy to fit in any kitchen. It is fitted with a Single Dial Control for a better handling and understanding of how it functions. This simple and easy to use rotary programme selector together with push button controls for On/Off and Start make the Miele dishwasher malleable and easy to adapt. When you’re considering a purchase of this scale, it is recommended to read as many dishwasher reviews as possible, written by both professionals and consumers, so you can get a comprehensive idea not only of how the appliance is made, but how it functions as well. By reading dishwasher reviews, you can make comparisons between various models as well, thus increasing your chances of finding a dishwasher that meets all your expectations.

The Programme Sequence LED indicates how the programme is progressing and lets you know when it is time to replenish the salt and rinse aid. This is done with the Refill indicator lights, which are turned on when the salt and rinse aid compartments need to be supplied. The Miele dishwasher is also fitted with Turbothermic drying, a technology that reuses the heat stored by glass, china and porcelain, thus enabling faster and more efficient drying results. Its waterproof anti-leak system features a double-skinned inlet hose and a solenoid valve which is directly attached to the stopcock. In case water leaks between the two skins in the hose, the solenoid valve automatically shuts off within seconds the water supply, protecting itself and you from water damage.

Miele dishwashers are accredited by the Energy Saving Trust as being the best in their class at washing, drying and energy efficiency performance and quality. Some models of Miele dishwashers are provided with a Sensor Wash of 55-65˚C, a programme that uses Eco Sensor technology to monitor the turbidity of the water, using this information to adjust the amount of water that needs to be used and the optimal temperature required, thus amounting to considerable time and energy savings.

Like mentioned above, the Miele dishwasher can hold up to 12 place settings and is equipped with a traditional removable cutlery basket. Most of the Miele dishwasher reviews are favorable but this is no coincidence since it received the Which?Best Buy award for dishwashers. This dishwasher can bring satisfaction to every user, no matter what their specific needs are.