GE Dishwasher

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The dishwasher is one of the most useful kitchen appliances because it not only saves time and effort but water and electricity as well. The GE dishwasher is one of the best appliances on the market because it uses all the latest technologies in the industry. The GE Hybrid Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher with Hidden Controls is an elegant and slick machinery that ensures your dishes are always spotless and ready for use.

The GE dishwasher’s stainless steel on the inner door and durable PermaPuf tub make it a great and useful tool in any type of household. Its advanced wash system cleans, dries and sanitizes dishes at optimal levels. This advanced wash system uses 65% more wash power to each rack than any previous GE models. This GE dishwasher is also fitted with a new technology called the Piranha Hard Food Disposer with Removable Filter. The stainless steel blade rotates at 3,600 RPM pulverizing food particles and preventing large particles from clogging the wash arms. The GE dishwasher is also fitted with Easy Access Silverware Baskets that make loading silverware and small items easier. According to dishwasher reviews from users, the Dedicated Silverware Jets ensure table-ready results at every wash, missing not one spot on your cutlery.

Among all these, the GE dishwasher also offers a 3-Digit Countdown display with 1 to 12-hour Delay Start, helping you wash dishes when it’s convenient for you. With its built-in style, the GE dishwasher with Hybrid Stainless Steel Interior is fitted with a spacious tall tub and Top Controls with Electronic Tactile Buttons for a more elegant and discreet look. Among the dishwasher’s control features, we have Progress Indicators, Last Cycle Memory, Audible End-of-Cycle Signal and the already-mentioned 3 Digit Display Cycle Countdown and 3 Digit Countdown Display with one “Clean” light and one “Sanitized” light cycle.

The GE dishwasher with its InfiniClean Wash System has the following features: Dual Pumps and Motors, Automatic Temperature Control, Drain Pump, Piranha Hard Food Disposer with removable filter and Dedicated Silverware Jets. It has three pressurized wash arms with a CleanSensor, a water filtration system and a Rinse Aid Indicator and Adjustment.

The four GE dishwasher cycles are Auto Sense, Heavy Wash, Normal Wash and Light Wash. Its ten options include Delay Start, Steam PreWash, Child Lock, Wash TempBoost, Heated Dry, Wash Zone Upper Only, Wash Zone Lower Only, Start/Reset and Energy Smart. The Pearlescent Dark Gray and towerless racking system can hold up to 16 place settings. Dishwasher reviews rate this as one of the best and most efficient appliance available, making it a perfect fit for every kitchen.