Five Signs Your Boiler Needs Replacing

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Replacing your old boiler with a new one is energy efficient, not to mention that it reduces the risks of monoxide carbon poisoning. Modern heating systems are more economical and durable than their predecessors, not even requiring the same amount of repairs. Considering the fact that a new boiler will help you save on bills and will last longer, your investment will be returned in a matter of time, while you will enjoy all the benefits of a perfectly working and performant heating system. More than that, one should always replace an old boiler when it shows signs of wear and tear for safety reasons. Following are ten signs your old heating system needs replacing.

1. You have the number for boiler repair service on speed dial

When the boiler is in constant need of repair, it might be already too late for it. There is a limit to how much time an old boiler can last with repairs, not to mention that you can end up paying more on the repair fees than you would on a new boiler.

2. You own a grandfather boiler

If your boiler was installed decades ago when the house was first built, you should think about replacing it, even though it might not need repairs that often. For instance, open flue appliances are quite inefficient and actually take the oxygen from the room in which you are living, so it is potentially dangerous. Very old boilers are often inefficient and unsafe. You should ask you boiler installation and repair specialists in London, whether it is advisable to change the old system or not.

3. You can detect carbon monoxide in your house

All households should have a carbon monoxide alarm, considering the fact that thousands of people get poisoned and some of these incidents are fatal. If you have a carbon monoxide detector that signals the presence of the lethal and odorless gas in the house, you should immediately open your windows and call a professional to check out your boiler. If you notice a funny smell near the boiler, it might not burn correctly and again this is a red flag you should not ignore. The silent killer does not give second chances, so you should not court danger.

4. You cannot longer find replacement parts on the dedicated market

If your old boiler needs parts replaced, but finding these parts has suddenly become a challenging task, you should think about replacing the whole equipment. As time will go by, you will end up paying too much for maintenance and components.

5. You pay more and more on the fuel

When the gas bills are becoming outrageous, even when the gas price stays the same, you should know that the fault lies in your inefficient old heating system. Investing in a new one can save you money in the long run in this case.