Five Ideas for Cool Personalized Baking Gifts

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Decorating one’s kitchen with originality may be a tough challenge, as most kitchens need to incorporate the same things: the cooker and the oven, the fridge, a microwave and a toaster and so on. Indeed, these appliances come in a  variety of colours and shapes and forms, but they’re still practically the same. However, when it comes to kitchen accessories and tools, the variety is limitless, which is why kitchen gifts are so popular and so well received. In fact, people can find a very wide range of personalised baking gifts, cookware and glassware gifts, as well as kitchen accessories that they can use to decorate their kitchens with. For instance, a birdcage cake stand can be a great piece in a retro decor kitchen and it will look that much better if you personalise it with a certain name or tag. The birdcage can be shaggy and in dark green and white colours, as to simulate a real forged iron cage, or it can be pink and white, with flowers and ribbons, to go in a baby doll kind of kitchen.

Another great idea of personalised baking gifts is represented by cookie cutters. It may be difficult to engrave your name on them, but you can personalise the cookie cutters by getting exactly the shape the recipient of the gift likes most. For instance, if the person likes flowers, then you can look for a set of cutter shaped like different types of flowers, while if she or he likes animals, you can get butterfly shaped cutters or bunny shaped cutters or even dinosaurs shaped cutters. For Christmas occasions, there are special sets of cutters in the shape of trees, angels, stars and snowmen. Thirdly, cake toppers are a great gift for bakers and you can go all the way with customisation here. From Happy Birthday messages followed by the person’s name to princess or pirate toppers, you can choose from a very large array of designs that you can personalise as you wish. The cake toppers, if they are fun and work with the rest of the items can also be sued as kitchen decor items when not placed atop of cakes.


The fourth idea is also a double one, as it can be used both for cooking and decor: the baking apron. Now, there is no other item that is easier to personalise than the apron and you can choose from an incredible array of fabrics and colours and designs, then print whatever you want on them, from the name of the person who will use it to funny, cool messages, such as “The Best Baker in the World” or “Queen of the Kitchen”. When not used, the apron can be easily hanged in a visible spot for others to also see who “The Best Baker in the World” or the “Queen of the Kitchen” is. Last, but not least on the list of personalised baking gifts, is the sweets jar. All those who love to bake love cookies, so having a cookie jar in the kitchen is no surprise. But now, they can have a personalised jar, with a funny or heartfelt message written on it and a beautiful bow wrapped at its neck. Depending on the overall decor of the kitchen, you can choose  glass jar or a tin jar or many other options.

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