Eclectic Kitchen Designs

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The decision
Deciding to remodel your Seattle kitchen is a big step because such space has to be both functional and pleasant. A kitchen remodeling raises the value of a home and creates a more effective cooking space with the latest technology and designs. If you are in the exploratory stage, decide if you want to modernize and completely remodel the kitchen or just freshen it up with some minor adjustments. Looking at kitchen photos can be a good start. If you don’t want to throw away old items, an eclectic kitchen design that mixes elements is a great idea.

The term “eclectic” was first used for the artwork of Carracci, a combination between Renaissance elements with classical tradition. The eclectic trend blends a number of styles into one unique design with a great look. Combining such different features into one requires a lot of creativity and planning. Color, fabric, furniture with different origins and from different periods can create a chaotic environment if they are not connected properly. Imagine the kitchen as a skeleton in which every small object has an important role for the final result. Colors also play an essential part, so try to keep some neutral tones between the variety of shades.

Mix it
Because this is an old-meets-new design, you can combine old furniture with a kitchen backslash, or new modern cabinetry with vintage sinks. Eclectic is not a random or unfocused design, so if you are having trouble putting them all together, there are many professionals that can plan your Seattle kitchen remodeling. The items incorporated must have a common design thread. Color can be a great unifier, especially if dinnerware pieces made from various materials are used. An item you are fond of can become a centerpiece in the design. This style allows you to finally show off a collection of dishes, unusual items or an old painting that you can’t fit anywhere else in the house. If you want to conceal large appliances, make sure you read some stove and refrigerator reviews and see how they integrate to the furniture.

The kitchen can be a work space or a living space. Subway tiles with a vintage appearance and crackled texture are both pleasant for the eyes and practical. For more space, the usual refrigerator, range, and sink combination can be transformed into a kitchen island. You can also divide the kitchen in half with an island. A vintage island with a marble top and reeded legs creates a blend between traditional style and modern functionality. Cherrywood cabinets can soften the stainless steel appliances and give the kitchen an eclectic look. A maple island and black cabinets create a bold backdrop for the appliances. Antique islands painted red have an old and new appearance. Minimalist countertops can transform a quiet kitchen into a vibrant space. Break the boundaries with cabinets that have different colors or paint the upper cabinets white and the lower cabinets green or beige.

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