Beach House Kitchens

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When you’re designing a beach house, you want to enjoy the open space and sunny atmosphere, which is why you have to organize your work areas very well. Whether it’s just a vacation house or a permanent home, a beach house has to be decorated by certain specific rules, different than a country or city house. One of the easy and basic options is to go for a sea-themed house where you can use light fabrics and calming colors.

Though there are many things to be said, in this article we’ll only focus on beach house kitchens. Just like in any other house, the kitchen is a very important space. It’s where you cook dinners and have meals with family and friends, so you want it to be a welcoming, spacious and above all, practical room. The first thing you want to consider when designing beach house kitchens is that you want them to be low maintenance and casual. You can go for a shabby chic appearance and buy most of the furniture at flea markets. A simple wooden table with matching chairs is a prefect choice. White is a great color for beach house kitchens, so you can look for white furniture that you can accent with colored objects.

If your kitchen is big enough, you can opt for an island and center the rest of the room on it. It is very important that you have easy access to everything in the kitchen, so make sure everything will be the right size and you’ll have enough space to move around. Like we mentioned before, white is a timeless choice for beach house kitchens, but it can also be difficult to maintain, so consider this carefully before choosing your kitchen furniture. If you’ll go for white cabinets and white appliances, make the kitchen livelier by adding colorful objects like vases with flowers, curtains and even colored pots and pans. You can choose just one other color for accents, like a strong green or blue, which is more sea-worthy. For the countertops, granite is always the best choice, but if you can’t afford it you can just as well go for marble or quartz.

It’s very important that you feel comfortable and happy in your kitchen, so make it look fun. Decorate the cabinet wall with mosaic tiles in vibrant colors, like a variation of blues or orange. Use colors inspired by beach surroundings, like blue, white and sandy colors. You can surround the dinner table with wicker chairs completed by flowery pillows and add nautical decorative elements, like seashells and other sea-inspired objects that you can find in most decorating shops.

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