5 Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh

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A lot of unpleasant odors can occur in our kitchen over time due to several factors. The smell of trash, mold or spoiled food, can be extremely unpleasant when we enter the kitchen area. However, keep in mind that you can easily remove these odors or prevent them from ever occurring again. Here are five efficient and easy tips on how to remove unpleasant odors from your kitchen, so your kitchen always stays fresh and clean.

1. Keep a dehumidifier in your home

In case you don’t know what a dehumidifier does, note that the main function of this device is to extract moisture from the air. When the humidity in the air is too high, it’s advisable to opt for a dehumidifier. This way, the mold which causes the musty odor in your kitchen will instantly disappear. It’s, therefore, vital to install a dehumidifier in your home if you want to get rid of those bad odors.

2. Seasonings can keep bad food odors away

Sometimes, the preparation of certain dishes leaves an unpleasant smell in the kitchen that can spread in the entire house. If you cook fish, add a bit of ginger in the recipe. Some minced nuts added in cabbage will absorb the unpleasant characteristic odor. When using the oven, place some lemon or orange peel wrapped in aluminum foil inside.

3. An air purifier enhances the quality of air

Air purifiers are efficient devices designed to remove harmful particles from the air. An air purifier will get rid of mold spores, dust or pollen. Moreover, tobacco smoke which is one of the main sources of indoor pollution can be reduced or completely eliminated with the help of such a device.

4. Stop trash can odors from spreading into your kitchen

We throw all kinds of food, scraps, napkins and many more in the thrash. All these can lead to an unpleasant smell that can extend throughout the kitchen. So how do you get rid of thrash can odors? Nothing easier. First, use some detergent to wash the thrash can. Then, pour a pot of boiling water into the thrash can. Add some lemon peel, lime or orange and leave it there for half an hour. Empty the thrash can and rinse it well with water.

5. How to keep other appliances smelling fresh all day

In order to clean the microwave, you’ll need half a lemon squeezed, a microwave proof bowl and some water. Put the lemon into the bowl, then pour water, enough to fill the bowl halfway. Leave the bowl for five minutes with the microwave oven turned on. Whenever you’re washing the oven, squeeze some lemon juice or orange juice in the water.
To continuously keep a fresh smell in the refrigerator, wash it with vinegar and water and keep on the top shelf a bowl of sliced lemon or orange. You can replace the citrus from the bowl with a small amount of coffee beans.

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