5 Signs that You Need a Dehumidifier in the Kitchen

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Since the kitchen is an important part of the house where you spend a large amount of time, you wouldn’t want mold and dampness to affect it and to cause further health problems. Therefore, look for these signs in your kitchen and discover if you need a dehumidifier to solve any of the problems created by excess humidity.

You cook often and produce a lot of steam

The kitchen is an area designed for cooking, which in most cases means heat, steam, and vapors. No matter how much you try to reduce the amount of steam formed during the cooking process by using pot lids and turning on the stove hood, it is inevitable that the steam will affect your kitchen. Besides the regular tips for reducing the steam created while you cook, a dehumidifier can effectively absorb the steam ad vapors, as well as the nasty food odors.

You spot condense on the windows

Condense is a sign of extra humidity in the air and you know it can become a problem if you see water beading on the windows or vapors formed on the glass. The water beads running down the glass and gathering on the window sill can cause the wood to rotten and to develop mold, which will seriously damage the sealing of the doors and windows. The condense can also be formed because of the materials used in the construction of your house, like the cement, which can be very watery and create condense in the room. Another cause of condense is the difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors, especially in cold seasons. A dehumidifier will efficiently remove the humidity in the air and will avoid the formation of condense on the windows and doors in your kitchen.

There are mold spores on the walls and ceiling

Another sign that you need a dehumidifier is the presence of mold spores on the walls and ceiling. Mold is usually a black or green slime formed due to excessive moist, differences of temperature or improper ventilation in the room and can seriously affect the aspect and the comfort of your house. If you spot any sign of mold or fungus spores on the walls, windows, ceiling or even furniture, then you should immediately act and get a dehumidifier to eliminate the unpleasant mold.

You can feel a musty smell in the kitchen

Mold and dampness usually bring along a musty smell, which is hard to bear, especially in a room where you spend much time. Besides being unpleasant, the smell can also get into the upholstery and the curtains and can irritate your nasal mucus. Therefore, the dehumidifier will come in handy when it comes to solving the odor problem.

Your family members develop allergies

If you and your family spend much time in the kitchen, especially if you eat there or you also have a sitting area in the kitchen, and you start sensing symptoms of allergies, difficulties in breathing and you feel discomfort in the respiratory system, it is likely that the humidity in the kitchen is affecting you and causing you trouble. In this case,  you should consider one of the greatest dehumidifiers which will help you eliminate the risk of allergies, bronchitis, and even asthma by absorbing the moist in the air and helping you breathe better.


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