Kenmore Dishwasher

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The Kenmore dishwasher is a high-efficiency dishwasher that is now fitted with 360˚ PowerWash technology. This innovative spray arm reaches into corners to blast the dishes from all angles, leaving every piece of cookware spotlessly clean. Some dishwashers also include a TurboZone option with Rotating Spray Jets that clean with force any bits of food stuck on the dishes, eliminating the need to presoak them. The hidden controls make it easy to blend in any kitchen and allow a more elegant and discreet overall appearance.

The 360-degree PowerWash technology, as mentioned, cleans the dirtiest of dishes effortlessly, whereas the TurboZone adds an extra boost in the back of the lower rack to power-clean every stubborn stain. The Ultra Wash HE wash system utilizes electronic sensors to monitor soil levels, automatically adjusting the water and the temperature for optimal cleaning. Those interested in protecting the environment and investing in eco-friendly technology will be happy to know that the Kenmore dishwasher is Energy Star qualified.

According to the best reviews from the customers, the new SmartDry feature ensures your dishes are perfectly dry after every wash, no matter the size of the load. Its fan-assisted drying system has no vents on the front of the machine, maintaining its elegant and supple appearance. The Kenmore dishwasher is also fitted with a stainless steel tub that resists food stains and retains heat to help improve drying. Also, the tub is now taller and the adjustable nylon racks allow you to fit any shape or size dishes to maximize the dishwasher’s potential and capacity.

Other convenience features that can be found on the Kenmore dishwasher are the smart controls with audio feedback, the cycle countdown, two upper rack stemware clips, start button memory, easy latch door and smooth glide rails. Options for this dishwasher include, besides the TurboZone with rotating spray jets, a Hi temp wash, Sani Rinse, heated dry, a delay start of up to four hours and a control lockout. With a maximum capacity of 90 pounds and a maximum indoor height of 33.75 inches, the Kenmore dishwasher can hold up to 14 place settings and has a sound level of only 43 decibels. Provided with automatic temperature control, cycle countdown, cycle status lights, manual clean filter and water filtration.

Designed to have 6 automatic cycles, an adjustable and removable upper rack, silverware basket upper rack, stemware holder and Rinse Aid Dispenser and Indicator, the Kenmore Dishwasher is a great and intuitive appliance for any type of household.